Common issues

Below is a list of the most common issues that we deal with at the Energy and Water Ombudsman. If you have experienced any of them and feel that you may have grounds to make a complaint, view the steps to take on the How to make a complaint page.

Common issues raised in complaints

Some of the issues the Energy and Water Ombudsman can receive complaints about are shown below. The most common issues relate to billing and credit.

See the Consumer Resources page for information that may assist you with these issues.

Issue categoryDescription
BillingComplaints about bills including alleged errors and disputes over meter readings and fees and charges.
CreditComplaints about payment arrangements, debt collection issues and payment difficulties.
Customer serviceComplaints about alleged poor customer service.
SupplyComplaints about the quality and reliability of supply of electricity, gas or water.
Connection issues / ProvisionComplaints about connection issues or the provision of services.
LandComplaints about the way a provider has exercised its powers in relation to land.
Service standard paymentComplaints about regulated payments for poor service.
TransferComplaints about transfers from one provider to another.
MarketingComplaints about the marketing activities of providers.
Drainage, irrigation or sewerageComplaints about the supply of drainage, irrigation or sewerage.
Other general issuesComplaints not covered by other categories, including complaints by a person affected by a water service.

Billing issues

The main types of billing issues are shown below:

Issue categoryDescription
High billYour bill is higher than expected (and you feel it is incorrect).
Alleged errorAlleged billing errors.
MeterMetering issues.
Non-applicationDisconnections due to the customer not applying for an account.
TariffIncorrect rates or lack of information about tariffs.
FeesUnfair fees and charges.
Pensioner rebateRebate has not been applied or has been incorrectly applied.
FormatFormat or lack of adequate information on your bill.
Other issuesIncludes backbills, GST, historical debt, payment periods and security deposit.

Credit issues

The main types of credit issues are shown below:

Issue categoryDescription
Payment of arrearsPayment of arrears from previous bills, including extensions and payment plans.
Debt collectionCredit rating or debt collection issues.
Bill and debt paymentsCustomer has received a high bill and has difficulty in payment, has difficulty paying debts or problems with payment arrangements.