How to make a complaint

At the Energy and Water Ombudsman, we are committed to providing a free, independent and fair resolution of complaints about electricity, gas and water services.

To make your complaint, go to the online complaint form. You can also give us a call on Freecall 1800 754 004 or download a complaint form and email or post it to us. Our other contact details are on our Contact Us page and at the bottom of this page.

It’s important that you follow the correct complaint procedure so that we have the best possible chance of helping you to resolve your issue in a satisfactory manner.

Steps for making your complaint

Step 1: Contact your provider

Step 1

Before you make a complaint to us, contact your electricity, gas or water provider directly and give them the chance to resolve the issue.

You can find the contact details of all electricity, gas and water providers in WA by clicking here:

View List Of providers & Contact Info

If your complaint is not resolved, or if there is an unreasonable delay, you can contact us.

What should I do when I call my provider?

  • Provide your account/customer number and the address of the affected property.
  • Clearly explain what your problem is and what action you would like to be taken.
  • Keep a pen and paper ready to make a note of the name of the person you speak to, the date and time of the call, what you spoke about and any reference numbers that are provided.
  • If the person you speak to can’t help you, ask to speak to a senior staff member or the complaints team.
  • Even if you feel emotional, be polite, remain calm and give a clear and factual account of your issue. Answer all the questions that your provider may have for you.
Step 2: Contact us

Step 2

If you have not been able to work with your electricity, gas or water provider to come to a satisfactory resolution of your issue, you can make a complaint to us.

At this stage we will refer your complaint to a designated contact officer at the electricity, gas or water provider to allow them another attempt to resolve your complaint. We are required to give the provider 10 business days to resolve the complaint with you before we investigate further.

    What information do I need to provide?

    To allow us to discuss your complaint with your electricity, gas or water provider, we need the following information from you:

    • Your full name.
    • Your account/customer number.
    • A clear outline of your complaint and the outcome you are looking for.
    • A phone number that we can contact you on.

    make your Complaint

    What happens next?

    If your complaint remains unresolved by your provider after 10 business days, you can contact us again. We will then follow an impartial process to try and resolve the issue in a fair and timely way.

    We will then investigate the issue and either:

    • Look for opportunities to resolve your complaint by agreement between you and your provider.
    • Resolve the complaint by making a binding decision on action to be taken by the provider to resolve the issue.
    • Form the view that your complaint is not substantiated, or that a reasonable resolution has been offered in the circumstances, and stop our investigation.

    Click the button below to learn more about our complaints process.

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    Complaining on behalf of another person

    Need to make a complaint on behalf of someone else? Go to the page below:

    Making a complaint for somebody else