Water provider replaces faulty meter

Water provider replaces faulty meter image
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Inspection of a customer's meter following a high water bill revealed it was faulty.

A customer complained about a high water bill and said they did not have any water leaks on their property and did not change their consumption. The Energy and Water Ombudsman referred the customer to the Water Provider for it to consider the complaint in the first instance. The Water Provider inspected the meter and found no water leaks and subsequent testing found the water meter was faulty. However, when the customer received a further overdue account notice and the meter had not been replaced, the customer again contacted the Energy and Water Ombudsman.

Prior to commencing an investigation, the Energy and Water Ombudsman escalated the complaint with a senior staff member at the Water Provider to try to facilitate a resolution between the Water Provider and customer. The Water Provider credited the customer’s account for the high bill due to the faulty meter and arranged for the meter to be replaced.

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