Raising awareness and access in the Gascoyne

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23 June 2017

Energy and Water Ombudsman raising awareness and accessibility in the Gascoyne Region, June 2017

The Regional Awareness and Accessibility Program is intended to ensure awareness and accessibility to the services of the office of the Energy and Water Ombudsman to regional and Aboriginal Western Australians.

The Program is coordinated with the Western Australian Ombudsman and was conducted in Carnarvon on 22 - 23 June 2017. The offices of the Commonwealth Ombudsman and Health and Disability Services Complaints Office participated in the visit.

The Program included complaints clinics where  members of the public could bring their concerns to us (that had not been able to be resolved directly with public authorities or providers of energy and water services), meetings with Aboriginal community members, and visits to, and liaison with, public authorities and community groups.

Image credit: public domain (CC0) / pixnio.com

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