Investigation leads to removal of credit listing

Investigation leads to removal of credit listing image
Energy|Credit category

A customer who moved house for medical treatment complained that they had not been notified of a credit default.

A customer complained that their Retailer had listed a credit default during a period when they were living in various locations due to their treatment for medical issues. The customer informed the Energy and Water Ombudsman that they had provided the Retailer with an updated address and information about their circumstances, but the Retailer had not notified them prior to listing the credit default.

The investigation by the Energy and Water Ombudsman confirmed that the customer had updated their address. During the investigation, the Retailer identified that it had multiple addresses for the customer and it was not clear which postal address had been used when sending out the notices. As the Retailer was unable to confirm that the required default notices and warnings were sent to the correct address, it removed the credit default listing.

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