Network infrastructure moved for customer

Network infrastructure moved for customer image
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The power pole outrigger stay is moved on the request of the customer.

A Distributor installed an ‘outrigger stay’, a cable that supports the power pole, on a pole in front of a customer’s property. The customer complained that, while the stay was on the verge and not within their property, it was in the way and should be moved or the previous support for the power pole reinstated. The customer said that the Distributor should have consulted them on the location of the stay before installation. The Distributor informed the customer that the stay was installed in accordance with the applicable legislation and standards and the customer’s feedback about being consulted on the installation would be considered for future improvements. The customer complained to the Energy and Water Ombudsman.

Prior to the Energy and Water Ombudsman commencing an investigation, the Distributor informed the Energy and Water Ombudsman that it would attend the customer’s property to see if the stay could be moved to a location more suitable

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